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The National Society Sons of the AmericanRevolution

The National Society of the Sons of theAmerican Revolution was formed on April 30, 1889 as a fraternal organization "designedto perpetuate the memory of the men who, by their services or sacrifices duringthe war of the American Revolution, achieved the independence of the Americanpeople."


The PaulCarrington Chapter #5

The PaulCarrington Chapter was originally formed in May of 1930.  The name"Paul Carrington" was selected because he was a notable Revolutionarypatriot and several original members were his descendants.  In May 1966,two influential members of the Chapter, Messrs: Paul Wise and Walter Sterling,were unable to agree, and so Walter Sterling and a number of former members ofthe Paul Carrington Chapter formed the Houston Chapter.  These two meneventually reconciled and became good friends again.  In 2003, the HoustonChapter was dissolved and many of its members joined the the Paul CarringtonChapter.  The Paul CarringtonChapter has as one of its goals, strong and fraternal relations with the HoustonChapter, the DAR, and the CAR.

Meetings are held throughout the year, a Constitution Day Luncheon is held inSeptember, a Bill of Rights Luncheon in December, and a George WashingtonBirthday Dinner in February.  Honored guests at the dinner have included former GovernorWilliam Clements, former Governor and Supreme Court Justice Price Daniel,Senator Phil Gramm, Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas C. Phillips,Senator Harry Byrd, and outstanding leaders of the City of Houston and the Stateof Texas.  The Paul Carrington Chapter is proud of its many patriotic andcivic contributions.  Examples of these include an award given to the outstanding Eagle Scout; medalsand scholarships given to outstanding R.O.T.C. and N.R.O.T.C. students at theUniversity of Houston, Rice University, and local High Schools; awards givento persons who have dedicated their lives to Law Enforcement; Heroism Medals given to persons engaging in a significant act ofheroism; an award is givento an immigrant High School student who has demonstrated significant characterand achievement and the Chapter supports the Douglas G. High Oration contestamong High School Students.  Recently, the chapter has given to the city ofHouston a monument commemorating the anniversary of the United StatesConstitution; additionally, to mark the 200th anniversary of the Bill of Rights,the Chapter has dedicated a flag and flagpole in Hermann Park adjacent to thePaul Carrington speakers podium at the entrance to the Houston Zoo.



PledgeTo The SAR

"We descendants ofthe heroes of the American Revolution who, by their sacrifices, established theUnited States of America, reaffirm our faith in the principles of liberty andour Constitutional Republic, and solemnly pledge ourselves to defend themagainst every foe."


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